Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

The story of Omnia begins with a belief: a belief that comfort is personal. It is more than how comfortable you feel sitting in a chair; it is about accommodating your needs to create the right style for you. We bring our belief to life through our skilled craftsmen who combine the innovation and expertise of American-made furniture design and manufacturing.

At our Chino, CA factory, we manufacture every piece of upholstery by hand; from cutting, sewing and assembly, to ultimately inspecting each finished product. At Omnia, USA craftsmanship isn’t a lost art – it’s something we do every day.


Though our roots remain as a family-run business with Italian beginnings, we’ve transcended our heritage to embrace and adopt Americana as our way of expertise. We pride ourselves as having a keen eye for detail and exquisite styling, offering you our very best since 1989.

Comfort, quality and style make up the core of our foundation. We bring you designs that complement your lifestyle and celebrate life’s greatest occasions. Our commitment to personalizing comfort is always accompanied by our dedication to you-believing in us to provide valued and quality products hand-tailored for you.



As a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, Omnia is proud to create products with a focus on improving and maintaining our environment.

All our leathers hides are a by-product of cattle raised for the meat industry, not for the specific purpose of furniture manufacturing. The tanneries we partner with only use water-based pigments treated with environmentally friendly tanning techniques. In fact, many of our leathers are “Kind” leathers. This production system, in which the hide is a main source of collagen, means the tannery uses only the most desirable parts of surface area to produce our leather. With this approach, the remaining sections are employed as raw materials in other major industries such as beauty and pharmaceuticals, thus minimizing waste generation.

Omnia Leather Lectra Machin

In addition, we have invested heavily in manufacturing innovations, such as automated leather and wood cutting machines. The lumber yield is maximized which reduces the amount of trees needed to build our furniture, as well as leather allocation. Any remaining leather scraps are either recycled or resold for the production of small leather goods.

All of our furniture styles use soy-based foam cushioning that is fully recyclable which are available in varied firmness and densities.

We are extremely diligent in complying with all federal and state restrictions and that ensure our cushioning is free from harmful chemicals and fire retardants. Being California based, we are ahead of the curve in this arena due to the stringent , eco-friendly practices that are mandated. Since 2003 to present,  Omnia has participated in a recycling program that has saved over 1000 trees from destruction. Through our efforts, we have effectively saved 125,600 pounds of paper in the 19 years that we have participated. Additionally, we have implemented recycling/re-use protocols for our office supplies and use automated light shut-offs to conserve energy.

Thank you for joining Omnia in our ever-growing efforts to discover new and better ways to give thanks to Mother Nature.